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London’s telespace transporter platform (aka bridge)

Long blue lights, aluminium walkway, cables angled upwards like an X Wing. The London Millennium Bridge looks like it could have been teleported from the year 3000.


This is especially true at night when the lights glow, forming what seems like a stationary laser beam across the Thames River, a laser you can walk on.

It was once known as the “Wobbly Bridge” because it shook when people walked on it, so they closed it … for two years. The Millennium Bridge spent the first year of the new millennium as an £18 million, useless piece of metal hanging across the river.

From pitiful beginnings the bridge has become a favourite walk for tourists and locals. Taking the bridge to the north bank of the river puts you face to face with St. Paul’s Cathedral, and south leads to the Tate Modern Museum, both unmissable landmarks.

I can still hear the metallic clangs of shoes on alloy as mine and a thousand feet ahead and behind me walked along, just a few inches of thin metal separating us from the brown silted water below.

Millennium Bridge facing St. Paul's Cathedral

Millennium Bridge facing St. Paul’s Cathedral


The Wall on the wall

Marching hammers, an anatomically obscene judge proclaiming the end of a wall and a war that was never fought. I could have predicted the parallels between Pink Floyd´s The Wall and the Berlin Wall would drive some artist to unite them on a few metres of German concrete. I could have, but I didn´t.

All in all …

My street no longer

I lived in Streatham south London for one whole year and today I packed my things and I’m moving away. Took one last photo of the old street just for kicks.

Lewin Road

Toilet on the streets of London

Walking around Highgate last night I was impressed by the lack of Starbucks or Costa or any other chain stores and the overall classiness of the place until I came upon an intact toilet just sitting there on the sidewalk. It was too out of place to just walk away from and lucky for me I had my camera and tripod with me.

Stay classy London

London Olympic triathlon

Today I went down to Hyde Park to see the Olympic Triathlon. There was a huge crowd lining the streets and the pond, everyone waving flags of different colours. I was hoping to see one of the three Canadian athletes win a medal but unfortunately they all finished off the podium, including Simon Whitfield, the only one to not finish the race. He crashed his bike somewhere along the course and had to quit.