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“Final secret of the universe” makes … PAGE 7!!

I know it’s the job of headlines to sell an article but sometimes hyperbole makes the article’s position in the newspaper absolutely ridiculous. “The final secret of the universe”, sounds like Indiana Jones’ next quest or the conclusion to the Star Wars franchise. Yet this epic of epic discoveries makes a mediocre page 7 in the Metro.

On page 9, Jesus has returned to fight Godzilla, and atoms are actually little planets with little people on them. But who cares about that …


One response

  1. I feel you. I was so frustrated by the lack of coverage and interested that I created my own blog yesterday purely to combat this issue. We need to stick together as science fans and try to get the word out there on these amazing discoveries. If we don’t make an effort to make it ‘buzzworthy,’ no one will.

    July 8, 2012 at 8:21 pm

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