There's a crack in everything, and things fall apart

From Tahrir to Trafalgar

Today I turned on the television to see hysterical Egyptians waving flags and chanting in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. The scene then cut to London’s Trafalgar Square were expat Egyptians were just as excited about the success of the White Revolution in putting an end to Hosni MuBarek’s rule. I grabbed my camera and got the tube down to central London.

When I arrived I saw a sea of celebration dotted with red, white, and black Egyptian flags, as you can see:

Women were a strong faction in the protests that toppled Mubarek’s government, and many women came out to wave flags beside the men.

Celebrations seem premature when no one knows what sort of regime will rise up in the power vacuum caused by the fall of Mubarek. History shows that many revolutions begin with idealism, but end with bloody conflict to gain or hold on to power. Let’s hope the new government is a friend of stability in one of the world’s most volatile regions.

It’s an exciting time in the Middle East, and although I was nowhere near Cairo, it was thrilling to feel the collective energy coming from a revolution thousands of miles away.


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